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  • Pumping equipment
    Spiral PVC and polyurethane hose pumps Flora, Flora SEM, Soil SEM made by EXIMPLAST™ work well not only with conventional but also exclusive pump technology. Water pumps, boreholes for both surface and submersible accommodation in wells, circular, hoses for drainage, suction and discharge of fecal matter and other wastes - that's only a small list of applicability of a flexible hose and pressure-suction hoses.
    Features of delivery-suction hoses CF2
    Scope of transportation, pumping different fluids with different chemical and physical composition, including abrasive, was profoundly elaborated by our designers, which took into account all the features claimed by pump applications consumers. Impeccable work of our hoses in the area of ​​sanitation and working with heavy liquid waste and mixtures in recent years led to the sustainable and qualitative growth of competitive replacement of imported complete set of hoses with water pumps and dredgers to work with the water and mud compositions. Flexible spiral PVC and polyurethane CF2™ hoses are widely used at the junction of several fields of applications - with a complete set of special pumps in the machinery manufacturing industry and instruments, especially in the food industry, the so-called volumetric pumps, in which the principle of alternately filling and displacement of the working volume of the device. Sleeves CF2™ - is the ideal variant for lining and draining the working fluid. We also offer the impeller, plate, screw and piston pumps, which are manufactured in diverse versions for the food industry and can work in a caustic corrosive environments (acids, alkalis, chlorine compounds) or have contact with industrial oils and petroleum products. They are also equipped with appropriate types of pressure-suction hoses from EXIMPLAST™, especially when the need for metering appears. EXIMPLAST™ plant managers will always be able to give the right advice, find and recommend hose, appropriate in a particular situation.
  • Fire-extinguishing...

    Hoses EXIMPLAST™ are used in fire suppression systems, as well as in special equipment for the fire bailing (pumping) of water, indoor feeding of fire blends, suction hoses for supplying water to the tank of fire engines - and pressure –suction hoses like CF2 ™ FIRE, FLORA SEM.

    Replace outdated state-standard rubber-fabric fire suction hoses with polymeric spiral hoses which are widely used all over the world! CF2™ suction hoses have better consumer properties and are produced in Ukraine and have a wide range of diameters. FIRE, FLORA SEM 50, 75, 100 and 127 mm. are ordered prevalently and are compatible with standard fire appliances and equipment.

    EXIMPLAST ™ plant produces special flexible reinforced hoses for distributing fire mixtures of different diameters, made in white or red colors.

    We give all the necessary certificates. Materials used for manufacturing of this product is not flammable or self-extinguishing, that is important in this area.

    You can use CF2 ™ hoses, created by the most modern technology.

  • Foodstuff industry

    All the food grade hoses, manufactured by EXIMPLAST™ passed Health Inspection Services control and obtained relevant permission to have a contact with food. Each food grade hose, made by our company, corresponds the strictest international rules and standards for food processing and is used in food processing industry dealing with production of mineral water production, various beverages, dairy products, low-alcohol beverages like beer, wine and others that contain less than 26 % of alcohol. We complete a set of lines for manufacturing and pouring vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchups and vegetable oils. Food grade hoses are suitable for abrasive food products. Mills and bakeries, rice and groats producers and packers are our target accounts; we will help to pack their equipment in a most efficient way with the most suitable price. Real time replacement is possible in case of keeping warranty terms.
    Wine producer can always claim for peculiar Arion hose with red spiral, which symbolize 100% compatibility with technological line of wine dispensing equipment and pre-eminent food grade properties of food grade hose by EXIMPLAST™.
    Our hoses, relevant to stringent international standards of plastic materials usage, found its place in cosmetological and pharmaceutical industry.
    We recommend the following types of CF2™ PVC hoses: Flora, Flora SEM, Arion, Soil SEM, Airway Supra PU, Foodwire, Foodwire Supra.
  • Machine and instrument...
    Modern machines, different technical devices and gears cannot handle without the use of tubes, pipes, hoses and hose. The vast part of their configuration refers to flexible spiral hoses with specific properties, which thanks to possessing «two in one" properties can easily and effectively adapt to any engineering and design solutions.
    The hose, which EXIMPLAST™ plant specializes in is also called bi-component, it actually merged two opposite material: hard vinyl liner (metal wire) for the reinforcing spiral and soft plasticized PVC or polyurethane for "piped" base.
    During precise extrusive manufacturing we receive surprisingly strong and flexible structure, which have diametric properties of flexible hose and a rigid tube. For machines, including ordinary and special machinery all kinds of flexible spiral hoses CF2™ like transportation, suction, pumping and transfer of any technological materials in gas-like and liquid states and intermediate states in a variety of suspensions with a working pressure from 3 up to 10 bar and vacuum up to 9 un. mH2O are applied. The temperature range for our products is approximately 100 °C, from - 35 °C to 60 °C, in some cases, short-term heating up to + 70 ° C is permitted.
  • Woodworking industry

    Spiral reinforced PVC and polyurethane CF2™ hose Airway, Airway Supra, Airway SEM, Airway PU, Airspal PU is used in woodworking in the aspiration systems for the extraction of sawdust, dust, while air filtration, etc. Our EXIMPLAST™ hoses are ideal for chip and other kinds of industrial vacuum cleaners.
    The woodworking and furniture manufacturing machines, which need such an integral part as a suction hose, are widely used. EXIMPLAST™ is an advanced manufacturer of suction hoses with PVC and polyurethane standard diameters that are most often used for the assembly of machines and lines for the wood processing. This type of flexible spiral arms is used for ventilation of industrial premises, sawdust transportation, their cleaning while wood processing using industrial vacuum cleaners. PVC and polyurethane suction hose are reinforced with a rigid PVC helix or metal and therefore does not change its shape under over pressuring.
    We know the preferable requirements for hoses for suction of chips, sawdust, smoke and fumes while working on woodworking machines and take into account these requirements by designing our own products. Also, there is always the possibility of production of non-standard orders. Flexible hoses / hoses manufactured by plant EXIMPLAST™ have a high and stable quality and better price / quality ratio of all the offers in our markets. This is facilitated by high-precision manufacturing processes and strict control over products’ quality.
  • Agricultural industry

    Spiral PVC CF2™ hoses / sleeves Airway, Airway Supra, Airway SEM, Flora, Flora SEM, Arion, Soil SEM, Airway PU, Airway Supra PU is widely used in the agricultural industry. This is primarily for the supply of agricultural machinery, both domestic and imported, that saves your money. For a complete set of seeders, sprayers, grain crushing machines, feed mixer, grains, fertilizers and water delivery hoses are used. Hoses by EXIMPLAST™ are irreplaceble on farms for water pumping, UAN, liquid waste, or for supplying feed and water to the animals.

    The growing use of new high-intensity farming technology provides the application of the cutting edge agricultural techniques, such as precision drills such as sprinklers or fertilizers at the stage of sowing and post planting germination treatment. The basis of the idea of ​​this device is both a delivery of seeds and appropriate planned fertilizer doses to the expected and the selected point of the field. This can be done only through the use of seed and fertilizer distribution system via the so-called seed hoses or tubes made by applying flexible PVC and polyurethane spiral hoses.

    Replace expensive imported packaging (as far as hose is a consumable item) with our similar at least in quality but cheaper hoses by plant EXIMPLAST™ and count your extra income.

    We customize our flexible spiral hose CF2™ to your individual requirements.

    Any agricultural enterprises, each of a small individual or farm and a large, up to the vertically integrated agro-holdings permanently solve the problem of water, liquid waste, fertilizers and various agricultural products transporting within the production cycles. Pressure-suction hoses by plant EXIMPLAST™ is an all-embracing and effective solution. Watering and irrigation on the basis of spiral hoses CF2™ helps to ensure a good harvest.

  • Pools and baths

    Spiral hose CF2™ Aqua (flexible tube, flex-pipe) is used in the construction and installation of swimming pools, whirlpool tubs and spa baths, soaking tubs, in the industrial and household massage dispensers, water purification units. It is used for work with compressed air. It was issued for the standard fittings, but an individual approach is possible. EXIMPLAST ™ produces an antibacterial version of Aqua AB.

    What is better to use? Rigid PVC pipe with a wide range of fittings and adapters or a flexible flex-pipe, a special spiral PVC hose CF2™ Aqua with a minimum number of fittings? This question is asked by pool builders in all countries. Appraisal of the applicability of the methods of so-called "binding" the pool, for example in the US, shows that supporters of the flexible hose and rigid pipe is approximately the same and slightly differs in one direction or another by region, more precisely - by climatic zones. Studies show that the choice for the binding to flex the flexible pipe is done by installation fitters in the northern areas, especially where there are large temperature differences from -30 ° C in winter to + 40 ° C in summer. Thus, the customer is insured against possible failure of the hydraulic system temperature and the appearance of the pool leaks, because the flexible reinforced PVC hoses such as Aqua have the best properties of plastic and lower coefficient of thermal expansion.

    In hot regions, where soils are stony, builders say that the rigid pipe is more resistant against possible mechanical effects caused by solids and perhaps they are more resistant to termites.

    In any case, customer chooses, and he should take into account the economic indicators (in the case of flexible-flex pipes, and the amount of the sum of the cost of fittings must be tended to a minimum), as well as the convenience and speed of installation, which are strongly differing. Operating possibilities solid PVC pipe are meaningfully lower.

    EXIMPLAST™ plant have been producing a special anti-bacterial PVC hose type Aqua AB for two years, which has exceptional properties and minimizes the appearance of mold, fungi and algae growth in the pool hydraulic system.

    The raw materials inculcated with a special safe for human biocide additive having a European safety certificate.

    Flexible PVC reinforced CF2™ Aqua and the AB Aqua hoses are widely used by manufacturers of whirlpool tubes, both in household and industrial spa facilities. The use of flexible flex-tube in aqua parks and in large concrete basins allows architects to realize the most daring ideas.

    Taking into consideration the very tight Aqua hose structure and high operating pressure, it is often used in the operation of compressed air systems.

    EXIMPLAST™ plant is the only manufacturer in Ukraine of this type of hose and we successfully compete with European manufacturers, who a few years ago were trendsetters in our market. We are constantly expanding range of manufactured types of hoses. Recently new diameter 63/55 has been mastered (by the way Aqua is one of the few hoses, where the outer diameter is important).

    For pool builders there is a special price offer from Plant EXIMPLAST™: From manufacturer – to the manufacturer!

  • Abrasive environments

    Spiral PVC and polyurethane CF2™ hoses Flora, Arion, Soil, Soil Supra, Airway Supra, Airway PU, Airway Supra PU, Airspal Supra PU produced by EXIMPLAST™ is resistant to weathering and abrasive environments and are suitable for transportation of both liquid and dry abrasive materials such as cement and metal chips, sand, etc., edible bulk materials, grains air feed, pellets, granulated plastics.
    The abrasive composites require transportation via hoses with increased durability in order to the application of plastic flexible tubes is economically justified. This can be achieved either by increased wall thickness for standard PVC pressure-suction CF2™ hoses (these hoses have a Supra console) or the second way of achieving efficiency - is the usage of hoses with the polymer wall made of polyurethane. In the classification of plant EXIMPLAST™ they are determined by PU prefix. Flexible CF2™ hoses are also available with PVC spiral or metal spiral. In addition, keep in mind that prices for Polyurethane hoses are much higher than similar options with PVC wall, and abrasion resistance of polyurethane is not always in a direct proportion, which strongly depends on the type of hose. Sometimes it is enough to take our analogue of the product line PVC hose, but with a thicker wall or other configuration, such as Arion or Soil. Always consult with the managers of the Plant EXIMPLAST™, they will help you calculate the best option. Just specify what type of abrasive you have to move with the help of our special CF2™ hose, it will help you make the right choice. You can also choose the type of used spiral, in many cases it will be sufficient to use a polyurethane hose with PVC spiral Airway PU, Airway Supra PU type.
  • Ventilation and...

    Spiral hoses with diameters of 100 mm. in Ukraine are produced only by plant EXIMPLAST™, we have mastered a wide range of diameters of the air hoses from 16 mm. to 200 mm.

    Slim and rugged walls made of soft PVC in LIGHT, STANDART, SUPRA variations and the appropriate design of the hose, hard but "playing" spiral of varying thickness (PVC or soon even galvanized steel wire) allows to please all potential consumer demands. Air hoses CF2™ have a wide range of applications ranging from general industrial ventilation buildings to a special non-standard air - gas cooling of different types of processing equipment, Drainage hoses CF2™ for condensate drain in household air conditioners and large commercial air conditioning systems are excellent, quite inexpensive and top-quality option for installers and builders.

    When you need to increase the flexibility of the duct, use hoses where the attachment SEM or ELASTIC is, which operating bending radius is less than 20-40% of the standard options. In the basic version it is gray, and allows you to apply and carry out installation work at low temperatures (as a bonus to a -35 ° C)

  • Construction

    All types of hoses, which EXIMPLAST™ produces, can be used in the construction for its intended purpose of CF2™ hoses. They can be used for transportation of liquid and bulk materials, for pumping industrial water solutions, etc. cable channels, distributing electric networks. A variety of applications in the construction industry, as an accessory, and the elements of construction of communication structures is obvious.
    More than 20 kinds of spiral PVC and polyurethane hoses CF2™, taking into consideration their diversity, allows to solve any problems on the construction site - from pumping fluids and construction mixes and ending with a complete set of electrical systems.
    All the latest construction technologies make it possible to use hoses and tubes by plant EXIMPLAST™ and make the most efficient plan for construction process. We produce flexible reinforced hoses with more than 25 different diameters from 16 mm. to 200 mm, with a minimum wall thickness -. 0.4 mm to 7.5 mm. Special heavy PVC hoses such as CF2™ SOIL or SOIL ELASTIC or lighter, but also reliable CF2™ FLORA, CF2™ FLORA ELASTIC, or super wear-resistant polyurethane hoses will pump concrete or mixed solutions over any distance, hose CF2™ ELECTRO is used for highly reliable laying of electrical wiring and forming cable channels of high liability, AQUA hose can be applied for sanitary connecting of any complexity, as well as for equipment with compressed air.
    The choice is huge and you will always find the hose that you are looking for.
  • Sanitation

    Flexible PVC hoses by EXIMPLAST™ armored with reinforcing Asoil SEM, Flora, Flora SEM, Soil, Soil SEM spiral, are ideal for pumping cesspools and pumping thick liquid waste. CF2™ are suitable for hoses and fecal sewage truck pumps, convenient to use, are resistant to low (to 35 ° C) and high temperature (upper limit 60 ° C, short-term heating to 70 ° C.

    is the only Ukrainian producer of heavy hoses, as well as any spiral hoses with more than 100 mm in diameter. In the manufacturing of hoses with SEM index raw materials with the introduction of particular additive are used that imparts such hoses with two specific features: first, it is superelastic (bend radius of the hose is reduced for 30-50%) and the second – it is frost-resistance. Operating properties of CF2™ hose are stored at sufficiently low temperatures to -35 ° C, under these temperature range below zero, the hose is not broken, and quite easily adapts to low temperatures. Superelastic properties of frost-resistant hose allow working with it easily, mounting on machines and equipment in the winter and outdoors.

    Special CF2 ™ Asoil hose for sewage pipe cleaner replaced expensive Spanish, Italian and German similar hoses / sleeves, which allowed a lot of savings for our entrepreneurs.
    We developed new tooling and produce CF2™ Asoil SEM and Flora SEM hoses with diameters in two variants - 100 mm in the metric system and 102 mm (4 inches) in English measure in order to ensure all the customers' requests.
    Also heavy pressure-suction spiral hoses by EXIMPLAST™ are in high demand with diameters of 50, 80 and 90 mm as well as 120 and 127 mm.
  • Chemical industry
    Spiral hoses by EXIMPLAST™ are resistant to weathering, hydrolysis, and bacteria, as well as various chemicals (alkalis, acids, etc.). Special hoses type OIL-PROOF is resistant to oil products - fuels, industrial oils and oil. As well as SOIL, SOIL SUPRA, AIRWAY SUPRA PU, our CF2™ hoses reliably operate in harsh environments.

    Equipment for chemical plants, production lines, replacement of parts of pipelines, especially laterals of complex configuration, tapping the aggressive gases and polluted air to the filter – it is only a small part of the possible applications of flexible reinforced hoses CF2™.

    Taking into consideration the initial chemical resistance of such raw materials as a polyvinylchloride and polyurethane, as well as a special geometry that reduces the effects of chemical factors, hoses by Plant EXIMPLAST™ easily contact with different phosphates and ammonites, quite saturated solutions of nitric, hydrochloric and even sulfuric acid, sulfur compounds and a large a list of other chemically active substances. Watch total list in the Table of stability of PVC on the link.
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