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СЕРТИФИКАЦИЯ ISO 9001: 2015 2017-11-21 13:31:45


Рады сообщить Вам об успешном прохождении переаттестации новой редакции в системе...

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Получи скидку ! 2017-11-21 11:08:34

Получи скидку !

Дополнительная скидка предоставляется на бухты неполного метража, товар надлежащего качества, и соответствует ТУ.

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Share the Love for PrestaShop 1.6 2017-02-14 22:49:37

Share the Love for PrestaShop 1.6

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Answers to your Questions about PrestaShop 1.6 2017-02-14 22:49:37

Answers to your Questions about PrestaShop 1.6

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Production according to European standards

  Contemporary market is overfull with goods and a customer has a constant problem of what to choose: price, quality, well-known brand or something else.
  There’s no need to select just one aspect or to buy expensive imported wares as EXIMPLAST™ сompany has a trade - off for you!

Armored flexible hoses produced by EXIMPLAST™ know no equals on Ukrainian market by a ratio of quality - price. Extensive product line and its high quality provide a possibility of successful competition not only with local producers but also with expensive imported hoses, produced by European companies from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany etc.

Armored flexible hose was a new dawn for world industry in early 2000s. The tendency didn’t come by Ukraine when new productions of polymer materials were launched as a substitution for conservative Soviet Union technologies. Bicomponent hose harmoniously combines rigid armoring component which is reliable and resistant to environmental effects with soft, flexible and easy-to-use bulk structure. Our hose perfectly suits for gas, liquids and bulk solids transportation. Multifunctionality is another important advantage of such hoses. Having used armored flexible spiral hose just once you will never work with canvas hoses, steel or semiflexible pipes or any other last century technologies.
This universal innovative product will successfully substitute 90% of modern hoses and pipes as it performs their major functions. It is worth mentioning that there are several fundamental differences of EXIMPLAST™ hoses from comparable foreign-made products. The major difference is the price. It’s been 3 years since company uses Ukrainian feedstock which quality is comparable to more expensive Italian version. Buying EXIMPLAST ™ hoses you not only get European standard quality in Ukraine but also save your money. Another factor which influences company’s pricing policy is its logistic advantage as 50% of weight in transportation of flexible hoses is air. As production is located in Ukraine cargo transportation distances and terms of supplies grow considerably down. Hence you pay for the produce, not for air. You actually pay for the produce delivered to your warehouse in time. Apart from price fidelity you also get unique warranties which don’t even seem possible to be received from foreign suppliers in Ukraine. We give you the possibility to:
  • Appreciate high quality for reasonable price;
  • Experience individual approach to every customer;
  • Select shape, color, size and specifications of a hose;
  • Have quick delivery.
The company create sits produce solely for manufacturing needs.
Many Ukrainian producers off arming equipment, sewage cleaning machines, pool sand whirlpool tubs complete their produce with EXIMPLAST™ hoses. But the company also schedules achievement of new level which is completing not only locally produced units but also equipment or machines of foreign manufacture. EXIMPLAST ™ is never satisfied with what has already been achieved, non-stop improvement and creation of new produce is what makes our life. Several times a year EXIMPLAST™ launches new type of produce. We are anxious for being unique producers of hoses in Ukrainian market. We offer freeze-proof extra-flexible hoses with elastomer usage or for instance antibacterial hose for a pool, which was produced with latest bio-inspired techniques.

Do you need high-quality produce for reasonable price?
EXIMPLAST and СF2™ hoses are your best choice! 

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  • Comfortable location

    The plant is located in Central Ukraine

  • Comfortable location

    The plant is located in Central Ukraine

  • Price and quality

    Our customers are totally satisfied with our best price-quality ratio

Over 13 years in the world market!

In the meantime SPIRAL HOSES PLANT “EXIMPLAST” has become leader of Ukrainian market in production and sales of armored flexible PVC and PUR hoses. We offer wide range and nomenclature, diameters from 16 to 200 mm. Also upscale variants for Ukrainian market, customers from Eastern and Central Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Region are always available.